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Sample of products manufactured by our company

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Alumina is the most common ceramics. It has good electrical insulation properties. Alumina has high mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance. It is possible to manufacture large products. Among fine ceramics, it is the cheapest material.

  Zirconia is a material with high mechanical strength and high strength fracture, toughness at room temperature. Because the particle diameter of the material is small, high precision processing such as mirror finishing is possible. The characteristic of zirconia is that it has low thermal conductivity and high thermal insulation.

  Sapphire is an artificial crystal of high purity alumina. Compared with ordinary glass, sapphire is very hard and durable, it is hard to scratch. It is resistant to heat and can withstand up to 2000 ° C and has good thermal conductivity.

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Silicon carbide ・ Silicon nitride
Machinable Ceramics
Silicon carbide:Because of its high covalent bonding property, it is the hardest among various fine ceramics, It has excellent corrosion resistance, and has good sliding characteristics in liquid.
Silicon nitride:It is the most difficult to expand thermal ceramics. Particularly it used for parts used in harsh environments at high temperatures.
  Machinable ceramics is easy to cut with machine tools. Because it is easy to machine machinable ceramics, it can be processed into complicated shapes. It is characterized by high thermal conductivity, low expansion, and high electrical insulation properties.

  Ferrite is a ceramic whose main component is iron oxide. It has strong magnetism. Ferrite is used for various magnetic core materials, radio wave absorbers, magnetic recording materials, microwave devices, ferrite magnets, magnetic inks, magnetic fluids, and the like.

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